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Supply & Disposal

Extension of slag heap capacity, Zielitz, Germany

Added value

  • Communication and documentation in the overall project,
    in the four construction lots and in coordination with third parties
  • Quality assurance and construction services monitoring
  • Analysis of construction firms’ schedules
  • Determination of overall schedule
  • Development and implementation of lean construction management (LCM) for parts of the construction work
  • Cost and change management during construction
  • Data management using a project communication and management system
  • Task monitoring and project management


Individual services

  • Project steering
  • Project management
  • Lean construction management (LCM)



K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH


Zielitz, Germany 

Project term

March 1, 2019 – December 31, 2022

 The plant of K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH in Zielitz plans to continue to exploit the existing potash deposit. To continue mining operations in Zielitz until the deposit is exhausted, it will continue to be necessary to dispose of the solid and liquid mining residue. This requires extending the slag heap capacity (HKE II), including all associated infrastructure facilities, and obtaining permission from the water authorities.

The project comprises excavating 340 million tons of residue for a period of approx. 34 years and depositing it on an area of around 200 hectares with a sealed base up to a heap height of 230 meters above mean sea level (approx. 150 meters above ground level) with a surrounding berm in its final condition, including a surface covering, as an extension of slag heap complex 2/HKE. The project also includes the creation of the associated infrastructure on an area of approx. 10.8 hectares, consisting of access roads, pumping stations, an enclosing road, and a fence installation. In addition, it includes the production of a wastewater storage basin with a ground area of approx. 18.9 hectares and a capacity of around 480,000 m³, and the construction of an effluent pipeline with a length of approx. 5.5 km.

© K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH
© K+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH