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Office Buildings

Invest-NL Amsterdam



In collaboration with


Advice on sustainability and C2C

EPEA, part of Drees & Sommer

Surface area

1.550 m²

Project period


Invest-NL was established by the government in 2019 to help promising entrepreneurs make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative. New housing for the organization was found in office building Q-Port in Amsterdam Sloterdijk where 1,550 m² is rented for about 70 workstations. Our team, in collaboration with REDEPT and EPEA, was involved in the design and layout of the new office. 

Led by Wouter Bos, Invest-NL employees guide innovative scale-ups and organizations working on the energy transition. They finance projects and enterprises with a focus on Electrification and Energy, Built Environment, Agrifood, Circular Economy and Industrial Technologies. They invest in promising companies and projects that are seeking to make the Netherlands more sustainable and innovative. 

Sustainable solutions in design and material choices were carefully considered for the new residential and workplace layout, in close cooperation with the C2C specialists at EPEA, part of Drees & Sommer. Completion took place just before the corona crisis broke out, and employees were only able to use their new, inspiring workspace for a short time. Invest-NL asked Drees & Sommer to temporarily modify the new housing based on the applicable corona measures, so that some of the employees could still come to the office safely. 

Making it safely to the office
Our team of FM and UX consultants mapped out the entire office and identified and assessed all touchpoints. From five areas of focus (Space, Services, Technology, Image & Brand, People & Behavior), adjustments for the touchpoints were drafted that would allow employees to arrive at the office safely while maintaining a positive user experience. The measures taken emphasize the positive side of things: what is still allowed? What places can be used? Unused chairs were put away. Plants were put on desks that were not being used. All signage to indicate routes and rules of conduct were set up in the organization’s corporate style. As a result, the additions fit well into the design of the new office.

Added value

After the completion of the new office, in a record time of only two weeks, the layout based on the corona measures was tested, and everything was worked out and implemented on site.


  • UX & Workplace Consulting
  • Project Management Fit-Out
  • Sustainability Consulting
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