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Non-construction Consultancy

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Institute of Science and Technology Austria


Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria

Project duration

December 2017 - July 2018

This real estate consulting project was to enable the client to work out a future-oriented development timetable for the Construction & Maintenance department. The goal of the project was to meet the future needs of the organization until 2026, taking into account the existing strategy, structure, and procedural organization as well as processes, resources, requirements, and stakeholders. Between February and June 2018, interviews were conducted, evaluated, and processed, and performance, structure, and procedural organization were analyzed. The project reached another milestone with the creation of the goal roadmap, action recommendations, and planning measures.

Individual services

  • Planning and construction-related facility management
  • Process supervision: Organizational needs until 2026
  • Structure and procedural organization
  • Action recommendations and planning measures
© IST Austria
© IST Austria