Healthcare Buildings

Kohlfirst Center, Switzerland

Added value

  • Structured information as a basis for the decision about refurbishment or rebuilding, with a comprehensive analysis of the costs for the whole life cycle, including the impact of the building on operating profit or loss
  • Information as a basis for the decision on the type of finance and the form of the operating company

Individual services

  • Model-based refurbishment and rebuilding scenarios
  • Analysis of different types of finance and forms for the operating company

Zentrum Kohlfirst Feuerthalen AG

The senior citizen and nursing care home Zentrum Kohlfirst in the Swiss municipality of Feuerthalen was built in 1962 and supplemented by two extensions. Considerable refurbishment work is necessary. The operating company must make decisions on whether to refurbish or rebuild. Due to the new legislation for nursing care finance, the funding of the construction projects must be clarified. 

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