Logistics & Transport

Liaison Micheville Motorway Tunnel, Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

Additional value

  • Specific know-how for technical and financial issues
  • Successful execution of a complex project thanks to specialist control
  • Remain within budget thanks to effective controlling
  • Ease the burden on the customer

Individual services

  • Project control
  • Project documentation (communication and data management)
  • Cost controlling (controlling and monitoring)
  • Follow-up management

National Roads Authority / Roads and Bridges Department


Schroeder & Associés, Luxplan, Luxembourg


Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Motorway tunnel

750 m

Road tunnel

120 m

Services gallery with power lines

approx. 2 km

Road construction

approx. 5 km

Motorway construction

approx. 3,5 km

Motorway bridge

approx. 80 m

Project duration

April 2006 - June 2012

The National Roads Authority in Luxembourg is expanding its motorway network and opening up the Belval brownfield site with the extension of the A 4 motorway. This measure includes a range of sub-projects, such as the construction of a 750 metre long motorway tunnel (Liaison Micheville). The main objective is to ease congestion in the neighbouring communities.