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Lycée Edward Steichen Clervaux

Added value

Support for the client.

Detailed services

  • Support in the completion of the safety-related technical  installation for final acceptance by the controlling office
  • Creation of flow charts for the control functions
  • Creation of a coherent functional description
  • Coordination with planner and BMS execution company
  • Checking the programming derived from the control functions in a virtual environment

Administration des Bâtiments publics


1 Rue Edward Steichen
L-9707 Clervaux


Jonas architectes associés

Project duration

September 2018 to March 2019

The construction of the Edward-Steichen-Gymnasium, commissioned by the Administration of public buildings and planned by Jonas Architectes, is integrated into the state of Luxembourg's concept for sustainable building.

The total primary energy demand as well as the environmental impact in terms of CO2 emissions is equivalent to class A. It is therefore a highly efficient building.

The materials used comply with the principles of sustainable development: the thermal insulation of the envelope is made of recyclable materials such as mineral wool and wood fibre panels. 

The provision of natural light reduces the operating hours of the artificial lighting.

The grey water recovery system from the showers for the toilets and the recovery of filter water from the swimming pool are also installed in the building.

An intelligent control system for the blinds reduces the heat input in summer and reduces the primary energy requirement for cooling energy.

Drees & Sommer supported this project with Commissioning Management.

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