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Healthcare Buildings

Medical Modernization Program for Three Large-Scale Projects at Essen University Hospital, Germany

Additional value

  • Extension works carried out without impacting overall operation
  • Professional management of public procurement
  • Cost transparency at all stages
  • Internal cooperation model
  • Future-proofing of hospital location through proactive extension and modernization

Individual services

  • Tender/award processes
  • Project steering
  • Project management
  • Contract award management
  • Functional specifications

Essen University Hospital

Project duration

January 2017 - June 2024


Heinle Wischer Gesellschaft for General planning mbH, Berlin (nuclear medicine, NUM) and HDR TMK Planungsgesellschaft mbH (ear, nose and throat clinic, ENT)

Essen University Hospital is now the largest university hospital in Germany’s Ruhr area that is centered on one location, and is therefore known as the Ruhr metropolitan region hospital. With its individual state-of-the art clinics, Essen University Hospital is a town within a city, treating around 50,000 people per year as inpatients in addition to 195,000 outpatients.

Three highly specialized buildings costing almost EUR 300 million were completed as part of the medical modernization program: a nuclear medicine unit with two accelerators and production of radiopharmaceuticals in line with good manufacturing practices (GMP); a pediatric clinic; and an ear, nose, throat and eye clinic with a GMP corneal replication laboratory.

Drees & Sommer provided support for the program with systematic and goal-directed project management in leadership functions, technical and economic consulting, and overall technical management for quality assurance purposes.

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© Heinle, Wischer und Partner
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