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Genossenschaft Migros Ostschweiz


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Total cost

CHF 34 million

Project duration

2019 - 2021

From January 2020 to spring 2021, the Migros Cooperative East Switzerland is modernizing the Herblingen Marke in Schaffhausen without interrupting operations.

The goal of the planned modernization is to make visits to the shopping center more convenient and attractive. Route guidance in the interior and exterior area is being adapted and the appearance aligned with the region’s characteristic architectural styles.

The remodeling also has a major focus on sustainability. All building services equipment will be completely modernized. The optimized insulation of the facade and roof, lighting with LED spots and tubes, the use of the latest generation of refrigerated cabinets and of waste heat from commercial refrigeration in the heating circuit, will ensure more resource-efficient operation of the site. Ecological building materials will be used to the greatest possible extent.

Drees & Sommer is supporting this ambitious project through the use of Lean Construction Management (LCM®), thus ensuring a stable construction process, transparency for all parties involved, enhanced communication, as well as effective planning and execution processes. In addition, Migros processes will be standardized through the use of LCM®, and then reused with minimal modification in similar projects.

Added value

Thanks to the use of LCM

  • Stable construction process, transparency, enhanced communication
  • Standardization of processes for future Federation of Migros Cooperatives (MGB) projects


  • Project analysis
  • Overall process analysis of planning, construction site and logistics processes
  • Introduction of process planning and synchronization of processes
  • Introduction of production planning/board planning
  • Process support and control
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