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Mobimo, Mattenhof and Sternmatt Kriens




Kriens, Switzerland

Project term


The company Mobimo Management AG plans to develop a site the Swiss town of Kriens (south of the city of Lucerne) with the aim of redeveloping the existing site so that it can be used for new purposes. In future, the plan is to develop a mixed use area (housing, offices, retail) which will become an attractive neighborhood in its own right. The site development is to take place in three site sections: Mattenhof IMattenhof II and Sternmatt. The goal is to create a ‘microcosm’ that will serve as a new center in the south of Lucerne. The project includes the construction of six buildings, two underground car parks and the vertical extension of the multi-story car park.

Added value

  • Operational optimization of the site and the affected property from a facility management perspective
  • Drawing up of facility management planning requirements
  • Development of a management organization for the site and the buildings
  • Calculation of site and operational costs, and consultancy on the implementation of cost optimization measures

Individual services

Site-Specific and Building-Specific Construction Project Reviews

  • Carrying out in-depth planning and conceptual reviews with regard to facility management
  • Development of optimization proposals with planning relevance from an operational perspective

Site and Operational Cost Estimates

  • Development of site and operational cost estimates, including an assessment of energy grid life cycle costs (LCC)
  • Creation of a cost allocation ratio for the owners of the site, the owners of the buildings and the tenants

Site and Operational Concept

  • Development of an overall site concept and operational concepts for the buildings; drafting of several sub-concepts (waste management etc.)