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POST Rotterdam

Added Value

  • OMNAM is an international project development company. Drees & Sommer brings knowledge of the local Dutch real estate market, government regulations and legal affairs to the table to speed up the process.

Services provided

  • Project & process management
  • Design team support
  • Permit process
  • Tendering and contracting for new construction
  • Site preparation
  • Monument development

Omnam Group

Project duration


Highrise tower architect

Eran Chen (ODA New York Architects)

Transformation monument architect

Braaksma Roos Architecten


Built in 1915, former main post office, transformation into catering and retail, 5-star hotel and public passageway


150 meters, 305 luxury newly built flats


Watch the animated video

The legendary post office at the Coolsingel in Rotterdam sat empty for over a decade. This historic building was recently brought back to life: Omnam Group is transforming the building into a shopping center, a luxury hotel and a new high-rise apartment complex. POST Rotterdam is a textbook example of how to combine modern architecture with a historic building transformation. The new residential tower will be a beautiful addition to the skyline of Rotterdam. 

The demolition of a small part of the monument – to facilitate the construction of the new tower – will be completed in the spring of 2022. In the second trimester of 2023, the elegant POST tower will be visible from the Coolsingel. The facade will be placed around the building like a second skin, using only high-quality materials. The Rodezand wing will make way for the new entrance and will form the base of the tower. To connect the tower to the Rodezand, Stadhuisstraat and Meent, it will stand on an 18-meter-high table, as it were. The columns (table base) of 2.5 x 2.5 meters will open POST up to its surroundings and create a cosy urban atmosphere both inside and around the building; where the old meets the new and where inside and outside seamlessly blend together.



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