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Industrial & Production Plant

Production plants Octapharma, Springe

Additional value

  • The team optimized structures and existing organization and processes.

Indiviual services

  • LCM®
  • Lean Site Management
  • Construction Management

Octapharma Produktionsgesellschaft Deutschland mbH, Springe


3,650 m²

Gross volume

21,900 m³

Construction costs

approx. €160m net

Octapharma is expanding its production capacity in the Hannover region, thus making a significant contribution to the long-term viability of the site. The company is building several new production facilities at its site in Springe, Germany. Like the media supply systems needed for production, the new facilities are being installed in established buildings and integrated into the manufacturing process without interrupting operations A Drees & Sommer Expert Team provided project management and LCM® support to the company.