Construction Area in Bern Wylerfeld
Logistics & Transport

SBB Swiss Federal Railways – data visualization, Bern Wylerfeld, Switzerland

Added Value

  • Savings on the construction costs of future waste water treatment plants by analyzing large quantities of data and identifying connections between the data collected

Individual Services

Interactive visualization of measurement data from a wastewater treatment plant; and weather, groundwater and discharge measurements (more than 1,500,000 data points over a period of two years):

  • Sorting, review, structuring of raw data, including development of a visualization concept
  • Data processing by means of the data analysis tool R (e.g. exclusion of measurement errors, generation of mean values, trend lines)
  • Preparation of visualization using R as an interactive html website
  • Drawing up specifications for the provision of further data by the operator of the water treatment plant


Project duration

2011 - 2021

Mandate Drees & Sommer

2019 - 2020

The Bern Wylerfeld decentralization project eliminates the rail bottleneck in the east of the Swiss city of Bern and is therefore of great importance for rail travel in the region as well as long-distance through-traffic and goods transport.  

As the project was being carried out it became clear that waste water treatment was becoming necessary. A temporary waste water treatment system is therefore currently in place. Data from this plant is collected, and weather, groundwater and discharges are monitored, to aid in planning the future waste water treatment plant. Professional tools are required to visualize the large quantity of data and thus identify connections. Drees & Sommer Switzerland is providing the clients with data visualization support using RStudio.

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Visualization of the measured values of a waste water treatment plant, weather, groundwater and discharge measurements as interactive html website