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SBB Swiss Federal Railways, Thun Railroad Station – Train Access Program (BZU) 2023

Added value

  • In the course of the project Thun Railroad Station – Train Access Program (BZU) 2023, the whole of Thun Station including all entrances will become barrier-free.

Individual Services

  • Agreement and coordination with participating sub-project managers and adjoining project
  • Preparation of a building phase time schedule
  • Preparation of building phase procedural sketches

SBB Swiss Federal Railways

Project duration

Alteration in 2021

At the railroad station of the Swiss city of Thun, the platform between tracks 4 and 5 needs to be altered. The edges of the platform are to be raised to level P55 to facilitate barrier-free entry to trains and exit from trains in order to meet the needs of handicapped people. This will be achieved by fitting new platform angle units on the existing platform edges. In the course of the platform alterations, the utility service lines and platform furniture will also be replaced. The platform edge at the north-west of platform 5 will be completely rebuilt because the position of track 5 will be changed. The track geometry must also be changed due to the raising of the platform. Some tracks and points will need to be replaced.

The main elements of the project are the raising of the platform edges on tracks 4 and 5 and the demolition and rebuilding of points to the north-west of platform 5. In addition, the power lines in the station will be renewed and two signals will be replaced because of the new position of the tracks.

Much of the construction work must be carried out from the track itself, so these tasks must be done at night when the tracks can be closed for trains. This means that normal railroad operations can still be carried out during the construction period.