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Office Buildings

Sdu Den Haag



Project period

2918-2019 / 2021

Surface area

7,000 m²


De Haagsche Arc, Maanweg Den Haag

Since 2019, Sdu has been housed at this special prestige location on the A12. Drees & Sommer worked with Sdu in an earlier project and also supervised this relocation process. As the delegated client, we supervised the quality, planning and budget during the refurbishment and fit out. Then came Covid. And with it a whole new vision of work. Soon after the move, in 2021, Sdu decided to adapt their new office to the changed needs and wishes of their employees.

A worker survey showed that workers would like to continue working from home for two to three days after Covid measures. We organized a workshop with a project group of employees. We have translated this into a space requirements model. Based on the results of the workshop and the new policy, we have concluded that the number of square meters (floors) could be reduced. 

The workshop resulted in a new specifications and an amended workplace concept and zoning plan that is tailored to the new needs. The higher you go, the more emphasis there is on working together and meeting people. The concept of the facility has also been further developed. 


Added value

  • Change management: Sdu employees were involved in the change from the old to the new workplace situation by Drees & Sommer. This created support and the new way of working was adopted immediately after delivery.


  • project management
  • change management
  • workstation concept and interior design
  • advice on a new vision for hybrid work after the pandemic
  • development of a facility concept
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© Drees & Sommer Netherlands
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