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Signify Netherlands/EDGE Amsterdam West

Added value

  • Project management right from selecting the architects.
  • Coordination and integration of technical work.
  • Project management work based on individually agreed packages.



  • Project Management Fit Out
  • Site management Fit Out
  • Stakeholder management
  • Change & Communication Management

Signify Netherlands


Fokkema & Partners


EDGE Technologies

TANK, studio for interior design

Gross floor area

2,200 m2

Project duration

November 2020 – December 2021

When their old lease expired, Signify, the world leader in lighting, decided to move to Amsterdam-West. The original building they had in mind dated from 1970 and has been completely redeveloped by EDGE Technologies and interior design studio TANK, and renamed EDGE Amsterdam West. Modern architecture and technology have been combined in this building to make a biologically friendly and sustainable building. Signify in fact supplied smart, sustainable lighting systems for the project, and is leasing 2,200 m² on the spectacular fifth floor of this building.

Innovation and sustainability are core values for Signify. Architects Fokkema & Partners designed a light and airy office space that reflects Signify’s brand values. An extensive lighting design was of course part of the project, as was co-ordinating all the fixtures and fittings (such as installed services, flooring, partitions and joinery). A wide range of Signify technology has been used in the office, such as the Workspace app, a Kiosk, Signify Nature Connect, UVC and other lighting systems.

Drees & Sommer supported Signify throughout the project, starting with selecting the architects in December 2020. Due to the overheated market conditions and the meticulous decision-making process with regard to reusing the existing fit-out, sustainability and contractor abilities, this aspect was finally completed at the end of December, with the selection of architectural firm Fokkema & Partners. The project managers from Drees & Sommer coordinated the redevelopment, both in terms of execution and internally within the Signify organization, and stakeholder management was also taken care of by Drees & Sommer. Our change manager supported the internal organization with Change Management and Communication.

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