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The Sail Tower, Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia


Al-Issa Consulting

Engineers project startup



139,000 m²


420,000 m²


62,791 m²

This 240m high, 60-story tower has 242 luxury hotel rooms and 104 serviced apartments and condominiums. This mix is orientated to maximise views of the water, and stacked so that balcony size and depth increase with height. This in combination with balcony sails and LED fixtures means the night-time appearance of the elevation can be programmed. The judges felt that this project was architecturally complete in the fullest sense. The relationship of parts to whole and building elements to overall appearance provides a convincing case that tall building design has continuing levels of sophistication latent in its future development. Taken as the relationship of parts to whole, an example of this is the way in which the upward sweep of the pattern on the elevations is informed by the module changes which are in turn the consequence of changing apartment size.

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