Educational & Research Institutions

Town of Adliswil – New School Building on Dietlimoos Site

Added value

  • Transfer of knowledge from other school projects in the town of Adliswil
  • Centralization and documentation of user requirements
  • Integration of the later users into the project, leading to an improvement in acceptance by the affected parties
  • Cost and process optimized operation of the building
  • Definition of the operating processes and areas of responsibility for smooth operation

Individual services

  • Implementation of user workshops in order to record and coordinate needs.
  • Review of the project (stage of preliminary project and construction project) from the perspective of future use as part of a construction-accompanying FM test check
  • Two-stage development of an operational management concept (rough concept and operating concept) based on the process and performance model (ProLeMo) of IFMA Switzerland
Project location

Adliswil, Schweiz

Project duration


In connection with the construction of a new school building on the Dietlimoos site in the Swiss town of Adliswil, the user interests of the school need to be represented in relation to third parties. In addition, the operational processes will be reviewed and optimized even in the planning phase, then laid down in an operating concept. The goal is to ensure an orderly provision of services at the commissioning stage and in regular operation.

A project of RESO Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Drees & Sommer Group since January 1, 2018.