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Office Buildings

UBS 5 Broadgate, London

Additional Value

  • Competitive dialog to optimize services as well as contract and cost models
  • Clear definition of interaction rules for internal and external services
  • Modular contractual framework with transparency of costs
  • Creation of a strategic partnership as a basis for the efficient commissioning of 5 Broadgate
  • Reduction of overall contract costs

Individual Services

  • Definition and description of services
  • Initiation and implementation of procurement process
  • Steering and coordination of competitive dialogue
  • Analysis and evaluation of contract types
  • Development of organizational structure (internally and externally)
  • Introduction of a modular contractual framework for facility management
  • Scheduling and monitoring, coordination and organization of meetings, pending items list
  • Strategic real estate consulting
  • Organization and processes
  • Consulting in corporate real estate management (CREM)


Project location


Project term

2016 – 2018

In 2014 / 15 UBS has built new headquarters at 5 Broadgate in London. The occupants started to move into the new representative building (approx. 70,000 square meters) in the second half of 2015. In the course of consolidating the existing properties, the facility management services are being reviewed and tailored to the needs of the future. The aim is to simplify the interaction, to consolidate contracts and to arrange the provision of services by strategic partners in order to ensure the operation of the new building in an efficient way.

A project of RESO Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Drees & Sommer Group since January 1, 2018.