· Bad Pyrmont, Germany

Themenreise 2023: Theme Forum - 100 Years of Innovation

Over the last hundred years, the family-owned company Phoenix Contact has produced a number of innovations and inventions. This creative power resulted in the "All Electric Society" and is a vision of Phoenix Contact to provide answers to the major challenges of the sustainable transformation of the economy, society, cities and buildings. On the occasion of Phoenix Contact's 100th anniversary, the themed tour will stop in Bad Pyrmont and attempt to discuss answers from the fields of building and industrial automation with the solution approaches of other leading companies in open and closed forums, as well as pursuing the question "How does transformation succeed in turbulent times?".

The aim is not only to look back, but above all to look ahead to the next hundred years. Regnosis instead of prognosis is the keyword, it is about change through awareness and a productive relationship with the future. And we agree: in no century has transformation been so rapid and necessary for survival.

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