· Essen, Germany

Themenreise 2023: Final forum of Themenreise

The final forum of the "Themenreise" - PEOPLE, PROCESS, PLACES 2023 will take up all aspects of the "Themenreise" that have been thematized over the year. The host of the event will be the Digital Campus Zollverein, an impulse generator and networking platform for companies and institutions in the Metropole Ruhr. Together with the host, which specializes in sharing experiences on digitization, innovation and transformation projects with its members, we will review the year. In this context, the Ruhr region as a location is a perfect playing field for creative thoughts on the topics of transformation and change. Built on coal and steel, the Ruhr region is the industrial cradle of Germany and a core engine of the German economic miracle of the 20th century. After sleepy years of realignment and accompanying setbacks, the cities, companies and people of the Ruhr are working on structural change, on a Ruhr 2.0, on a megacity that will once again flourish and stand for progress. We expect an interplay of leading personalities from the region as well as from the entire German-speaking area and look forward to finding answers with you in a joint exchange on how transformation can be implemented even in turbulent times.

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