· Amsterdam/Utrecht/Delft/Brussels/Luxembourg

Themenreise-Special 2023: Looking beyond the horizon to Benelux

This year, our look beyond our own backyard will take us to three of our neighboring countries. The BENELUX countries, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg will be the setting for the three-day delegation trip to present their proposals for "Different. Successful. Grow." This year's "Themenreise" also aims to think sustainability and transformation on a European level. A transformation that is already well advanced in the BENELUX countries known as liberal. From Amsterdam's distinctive start-up culture, the cross-border cooperation of EU members in Brussels and Luxembourg, to the widespread development of digital infrastructure, there is much worth learning from. We will discuss these best practices both in Brussels and in Luxembourg at the European level.

Of course, we should not forget the transport revolution that has been successfully underway in the Netherlands since the 1980s. But anyone who thinks the Dutch are only a nation of cyclists is thinking too briefly: from e-mobility to clever sharing concepts to well-developed public transport - the Netherlands proves every day that a transformation can basically be quite simple. We will get an insight into this at the "ABB E-Mobility Innovation Lab" in Delft. The international flair is not only reflected in the many official languages of the countries, but also more and more international professionals are attracted to the three countries as attractive places to live and work. We want to better understand all of this and look forward to the exchange on site about the political framework conditions, society, economy, cities and company locations.

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