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We tailor the products and solutions to the needs of our customers in different industries.

We work with our customers – airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and space agencies and companies – to develop and implement real estate strategies and change processes. Learn more.

In order to survive in global competition, companies in the automotive industry must have a worldwide presence with development and production facilities and sales centres. We have supported the automotive industry for many years. Learn more.

The participants of the chemical industry have to face challenges such as digitalization, cost pressure, production and supply chain optimization and the effects of the EU Green Deal. With our products and individually tailored services, we help companies from this sector to secure and successful projects. Learn more.

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Educational facilities and research institutes face a wide range of challenges and emerging trends. Demanding projects and unusual challenges require holistic advice and support, which our experts deliver with a combination of construction know-how and industry-specific experience. Learn more.

Our energy experts have the know-how to coordinate the four key areas – conservation, generation, transmission and storage – to achieve optimal outcomes. We support the expansion of onshore and offshore grids, and advise on the setup of district heating networks and the repurposing of disused power plant sites. Learn more.


Hospitals, healthcare and rehab centers are some of the key institutions in the healthcare sector. But changes in the healthcare sector are throwing up some huge challenges. With interdisciplinary teams of architects, doctors and engineers, we develop solutions for hospitals of all sizes. Learn more.


Guests expect modern hotel concepts that are adapted to their needs. We handle the resulting requirements for properties. Based on decades of project and consulting experience, we offer tailor-made solutions for investors, leaseholders, operators and hotel chains. Learn more.

losely linked value chains, a growing awareness of sustainability, and ever-greater competition and price pressure. Industrial companies have ambitious goals to make their sites around the world future-proof. We help industrial companies achieve these goals. Learn more.

Whether you are looking for support with data centers or IT infrastructure, We offer innovative solutions from the initial concept to operation – solutions that take into account both increasingly stringent standards for security and energy efficiency and greater expectations with regard to profitability Learn more.

Pharmaceutical technology, medical technology and medical biotechnology are all very distinct areas of Life Sciences. Our products and solutions help companies in this sector reliably achieve success in their projects. Despite all the different processes and outcomes, all our products feature a combination of economical, digital, sustainable and innovative components. Learn more.

We design future-proof logistics facilities for our customers that take all customer-specific requirements into consideration: mix of uses, location and size, as well as technology, fitout and processes. The digitization strategy and automation solutions we deliver give our customers a substantial competitive edge. Learn more.

Discrepancies between the available budget, user requirements, the numerous different types of project and political discussion and public opinion are particularly prevalent in the public sector. We support the public sector, its administration and operations both by providing professional management services for construction projects as well as consulting services from the initial idea through to realization and management. Learn more.

When buying, managing or selling real estate property, property companies are looking for growth and appreciation in value. Real estate is our core business too. Whether working out the investment profile or the portfolio strategy, optimizing established buildings, buying or selling, engaging in revitalization projects, or developing established or new buildings – with our construction and real estate industry expertise, we bring properties and portfolios into the profit zone. Learn more.


Local public transport will play an increasingly important role in the future: The sector offers great potential for environmental protection, for example through carbon emission reduction with the help of environmentally friendly alternatives for diesel-powered vehicles in local rail/bus transport. Learn more.

Commercial properties such as department stores and specialist retail parks are faced with extensive revitalization and refurbishment projects Erfahren Sie mehr. To achieve their goals, retailers, developers and investors need a strong consulting partner. We offer an interdisciplinary team that knows the challenges of retail – and implements customized solutions.


Housing is a basic human need. After all, everyone has to live somewhere. The housing industry is expected to explore innovative concepts and approaches – and to think about what the housing market of the future should look like. We support you in your challenges in the area of housing construction. With our expertise we help you with small problems as well as with your big projects, regardless of the type of project and the task. Learn more.

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