Cradle to Cradle in the hospitality sector – HITT 2023 post-event

How can the circular economy be successfully implemented in the hotel sector? What best practices have already been established? And what specific measures are essential in any modern Cradle-to-Cradle concept?

These were some of the important issues discussed at our HITT 2023 post-event on March 21, which we hosted in collaboration with HospitalityInside. The event was part of the ‘HospitalityInside Think Tank 2023’ (HITT). We took the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the above-mentioned topics, in keeping with the guidelines ‘off the record’, ‘content-rich’ and ‘practice-oriented’.

This is essential as the hospitality sector is coming under increasing pressure with regard to rapidly approaching deadlines for climate goals – and there is still much work to be done. Each company now needs to independently develop modern concepts and specific solutions and make clear progress. There is no time to wait for checklists.

Best practices in other asset classes already show what innovative buildings can look like in practice. Flagship projects in the residential and office sectors show what can be done and these concepts can be adapted for the hospitality sector. Examples range from fully recyclable facades and planted roofs and walls to state-of-the-art technologies for energy generation.

Data collection is crucial in this context. Meticulous management of material passports allows precise tracking of embodied carbon emissions and the return of highest-quality building materials to the biological cycle.

But sustainability is not just a question of the building and its technology. The main focus is on social aspects such as the wellbeing of users, fair pay, and the involvement of the local economy. The goal is to win people over through a combination of atmosphere, design and emotion.

It was a great event that provided truly stimulating input. We are already looking forward to the next exchange of ideas!