Dossier "Upgrade instead of tearing down: The best years are yet to come"

Lifestyles and user habits are undergoing a massive shift, which is also triggering changes in the demands placed on real estate. In addition, the climate targets, ESG requirements and the collective experience of the coronavirus pandemic, which is accelerating this transition that investors and property owners have to meet. Share this experience and as a retail property owner, do you also face specific challenges such as:

  • How can I turn my property into an attractive retail destination? Which renovations enhance the customer experience?
  • What will become of my retail property? Will a new mix of residential, logistics, retail and hospitality uses bring about a turnaround?
  • How do I generally manage to set up my building in a sustainable, digital, user-focused and economical way? 

In the dossier "Upgrade instead of tearing down: The best years are yet to come" we have explored various elements of refurbishment and revitalisation of existing properties. From different perspectives, we shed light on why now is a good time is to fundamentally upgrade the existing properties in your portfolio.