Drees & Sommer signs Diversity Charter

On German Diversity Day (May 23), Drees & Sommer will sign the Diversity Charter – the country’s largest and most important employer initiative to promote diversity in the workplace.

As a company on its way to becoming a Beneficial Company, Drees & Sommer wants to have a positive impact on the environment and society. This includes creating a diverse and respectful work environment that offers differentpeople equal opportunities. On behalf of the entire company, Markus Weigold, Partner at Drees & Sommer, and Diana Wiedmann, Head of HR, signed the document and the associated voluntary commitment.

“Diversity and Inclusion is part of our strategy and of our culture! We embrace diversity – both internally and outside the company. Creating a respectful work environment and providing equal opportunities for all colleagues is not a nice-to-have, but a must,” says Diana Wiedmann, referring to the commitments in our Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

“Signing the Diversity Charter is an important milestone for us on the way achieving to true Diversity and Inclusion – as well as an incentive not to let up now,” says Markus Weigold, the Partner responsible for driving the Diversity and Inclusion initiative at Drees & Sommer. Measures taken by the company include the integration of diversity content into training courses for managers, the collection of KPIs, and the evaluation of processes. There are also mentoring opportunities and dedicated diversity networks for employees. A Diversity Week held by Drees & Sommer at the beginning of the year focused on Diversity and Inclusion in various forms. A new initiative covering all aspects of dealing with discrimination will examine the Diversity Week content in greater detail.

The Diversity Charter was launched in 2006 as an employer initiative to promote diversity in the workplace. The non-profit Charta der Vielfalt association was founded in 2010 with Olaf Scholz as patron. To date, more than 5,000 companies and institutions have signed the charter. In doing so, they commit to establishing an organizational culture characterized by respect and participation at all levels.