Drees & Sommer simplifies internal structures

In an increasingly complex world, Drees & Sommer has decided to reduce complexity.

The company has merged eleven large German companies that were a part of the Drees & Sommer Group into Drees & Sommer SE with economic effect from 1 January 2021. For this reason, the employees previously responsible in a GmbH will from now on work together within Drees & Sommer SE without GmbH boundaries. Internally, this will simplify the countless processes. Externally, this internal simplification means that we will dedicate even more energy on our customers, future solutions and innovations.

All existing contractual content and obligations will be transferred completely and seamlessly to Drees & Sommer SE, which will act as a large operational unit within the Drees & Sommer Group in legal transactions from 1 January 2021. 

Drees & Sommer has started the new year by cutting any clutters and with a focused goal of creating a future worth living.