Faster ecological restructuring of the economy

Federal chancellor Olaf Scholz calls a top level discussion on the circular economy


Drees & Sommer brings together key players and decision-makers from different industries

With BIM for a start-to-finish victory

New sustainability report published!

On the way to becoming a Beneficial Company, more than economic success counts: Find out how we combine economy, ecology and responsibility to shape a sustainable future.

10 Theses for the construction and real estate industry

Artificial intelligence and generative AI, virtual worlds, green cities, sustainability, data: What will our world look like in ten years? Which trends will prevail, and which innovations will simplify our everyday lives in the future?

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A plus sign is more than just two intersecting lines. And a project with Drees & Sommer is more than simply successful. It is sustainable, digital, cost-efficient and innovative – because these are the four aspects we emphasize in every project we undertake. That may be more than many expect. But it’s what every customer gets from us.




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