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BMDV publishes guideline for Cable Transport Systems

The guideline for cities, towns and municipalities provides detailed information on the realization of urban cable transport projects in Germany.

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He wants to reactive an idea from the Bauhaus movement – and he advocates a systematic use of recyclable construction. Climate researcher Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber visits Drees & Sommer in Cologne.

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New building for precision components of lithium-ion batteries

Drees & Sommer supports Kedali in the successful implementation of its new plant in Erfurt.

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Hammerbrooklyn: A Building with Smarts

Following the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, Hamburg now has another building with international appeal – this time featuring world-beating sustainability and intelligence: the Hammerbrooklyn Digital Pavillon.

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From Production Process to Smart Factory

From a manufacturing concept to an intelligent factory, from a master plan to a smart building: Integrated Factory Planning for the production facility of the future.





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