Izabela Danner is appointed as new Executive Board Member at Drees & Sommer SE

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Izabela Danner, as the new executive board member, will be responsible for organizational development, mergers & acquisitions, human resources, finance and international affairs alongside Steffen Szeidl (left) and Dierk Mutschler (right).

Izabela Danner is to work alongside Steffen Szeidl and Dierk Mutschler on the Executive Board of Drees & Sommer from September 1, 2020.

In preparing for its future, Drees & Sommer SE, a planning and consulting firm specializing in construction and real estate, has increasingly been focusing on major innovations and future issues. The services provided by the company, which is based in the German city of Stuttgart, range from international mergers and start-up programs to internal restructuring and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) – all with the aim of creating a livable future.

Drees & Sommer’s focus on its clients and on visionary innovations remains the company’s recipe for success. However, for these innovations ultimately to be used in day-to-day work and in all client projects as the company continues to grow, the organization will need to adapt permanently and across all its international locations.

Dierk Mutschler will therefore be responsible for the entire operational business, according to the motto run the company. Steffen Szeidl will head sustainable and digital corporate development, with the motto develop the company. He will also be the spokesperson of the Executive Board. And, guided by the motto fit the company, Izabela Danner will take charge of ensuring that the organization keeps pace with these innovations and that the staff are included and involved in the company’s plans for the future.

Izabela Danner is 46 years old and a business graduate with more than 20 years of experience in financial services and the real estate industry. She already has experience of structuring and organizing companies in those sectors. During the course of her career she has worked in various senior management positions, including at Deutsche Börse Group in Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg and London, and at DTZ Deutschland Holding GmbH in Frankfurt am Main. For the past seven years she was a member of the management board of JLL Germany and the supervisory board of JLL Switzerland.

We look forward to having her join us in planning the future together.