What European car manufacturers can learn from China and the United States - Interview with automotive expert Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer

© Winfried W. Bischoff

The automotive industry is in a state of upheaval: cars are no longer driven by mechanics and mechatronics, but primarily by software. In addition, increasing regulations and ESG requirements are leading to a corresponding shift in mobility. We at Drees & Sommer spoke to Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, probably the most renowned automotive expert, about current trends and the mobility of the future. We also asked: How far ahead are the international players and what can we learn from them?

Because a look at the big picture shows: European carmakers have a lot to learn from their international competitors - especially from China. The People's Republic is the new heart of the automotive industry. Above all, advanced digitalisation, the courage to develop new concepts and the use of digital services give China a clear competitive advantage. Because in the automotive industry, one thing is required more than anything else: innovation.

The same applies to America, where the know-how is much more advanced, especially in the areas of battery performance and software development. For German and European carmakers, it is all about speed and breaking out of old, entrenched patterns.

What exactly will the mobility of the future look like, will the spread of car-sharing services lead to the extinction of car manufacturers, and what incentives are needed in Germany to switch to an electric vehicle? Prof. Dr. Dudenhöffer answers these and other questions in an interview.