Office Buildings



Stadtverwaltung Kirchheim/Teck 


OF-Areal, Kirchheim unter Teck

Project duration

June 2018 – March 2020

Administration 4.0: New work environments for the Kirchheim/Teck city administration 

Since all of its administrative buildings were in need of renovation, the city used the opportunity to test a concept for new work environments. 
As part of a major pilot project, 45 workplaces were relocated to a former factory building in the Otto Ficker precinct. The New Work Drees & Sommer experts supported the city with the design and implementation of the new work and office environment.

A concept based on the principle of the multi-space office was created for the newly leased 1,000 square meter space. The pilot project in the OF precinct is one of the first successfully implemented public sector projects with modern work environments and a new concept for interaction with the public.

Added value

  • Work environments that support the overall strategic orientation: cross-departmental operation, working from home, virtual collaboration, office concept ready for desk sharing
  • Administration 4.0: Greater digitization of both building and processes in the form of real interaction 
  • Innovative concepts for offices and interaction with the public: Test of the 3-zone principle with public, semi-public and internal areas
  • Successful introduction of an online booking system since the beginning of the pandemic 
  • New work environments as a selling point for recruitment, applicants are suitablyimpressed
  • Building easily made compliant with coronavirus restrictions
  • Consistently positive feedback from the general public and employees 


  • Requirements analysis for departments in the pilot area
  • Moderation of numerous user workshops
  • Development of an office and consulting concept
  • Development of a customized change and communication concept
  • Advising the city administration on the utilization concept
  • Design concepts and furnishing plans, including invitation to tender 
  • Relocation support in the form of change management for the employees