Non-construction Consultancy, High-rise Buildings, Residential Buildings, Healthcare Buildings


Added value

  • Feasibility study of the site
  • Advice and support on the construction work, redevelopment and sales opportunities
  • Guidance on the tender and sales process



  • Project Management
  • Development Management



Fraxus Care & Living, Stebru


Bureau Kroner architects

Systems engineers

Nelissen engineers

Gross floor area

35,000 m2

No. of floors


Project duration

March 2016 – April 2022

The Bouwinvest Healthcare Fund has acquired 149 sheltered apartments, a care home complex housing 144 residents’ rooms and 622 m² of commercial space destined for healthcare institutions on Loevesteinlaan in The Hague from Fraxus and Stebru. Florence will operate the care home complex and provide home healthcare to the internal residents.

Working on behalf of Florence, Drees & Sommer followed a rigorous process and successively investigated the feasibility of potential development opportunities at the site, and advised and supported Florence in relation to building work, redevelopment and sales opportunities offered by the location. Drees & Sommer Netherlands offered Florence guidance during the tender and sales process. A rigorous preparation and negotiation process has resulted in a partnership between reputable parties. The joint effort will add a fantastic piece of social real estate to The Hague.

The project site is currently the location of healthcare provider Florence’s Favente Deo nursing home, which has been lying unused for several years now. This building will be demolished and replaced by a new care home complex with 144 residents’ rooms, surmounted by two residential towers. The residential tower houses 149 sheltered apartments where the elderly can live independently. The apartments are designed in such a way that residents can continue to live at home for as long as possible, even with ever-increasing care demands. Integrating with a care home complex means that healthcare services and facilities are close at hand. Florence manages the care needs in the care home complex as well as the home healthcare needs of the residents of the sheltered apartments.