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Residential Buildings

Little C Rotterdam


Bouwinvest REIM


CULD / Inbo


J.P. van Eesteren / ERA Contour

Project period

2019 - 2021

Despite what its name might otherwise suggest, Little C is not a small-scale project but rather a residential/working complex of fifteen buildings with a mix of lofts, apartments, studios, roof gardens, meeting places, offices, workplaces, restaurants, studios and small-scale shops, parking facilities, storage rooms, and a bicycle shed. Bouwinvest has purchased 209 loft apartments. On behalf of Bouwinvest, Drees & Sommer Nederland (formerly BOAG) monitored the progress and quality during construction.

Bouwinvest REIM, acting on behalf of Bouwinvest Residential Fund, has purchased 209 loft apartments in the open rental sector from ERA Contour/J.P. van Eesteren. The Bouwinvest apartments are located in three of the four towers that give access to the planning area: buildings A1, A3, and A4. 

The project faced several challenges. One of them was the sheer size and complexity of the entire project in a market that is under severe pressure in terms of the purchase of materials and the deployment of skilled personnel. In addition, Little C was realized in a busy built-up and visited environment, including the adjacent Erasmus Medical Center, the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, and the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. 

The assignment consisted of coordinating the program of requirements, checking the specifications and quality management during implementation. The basic objective was to prevent or at least minimize extra work and, where possible, to compensate with less work without compromising the envisaged quality.

Added value

  • It was essential to prepare the work in detail so that deliveries could be made as "just-in-time" as possible. The goal was to store as few construction materials as possible on site while optimizing the construction progress.


  • Specifications
  • Checking the specifications
  • Quality management during implementation


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