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Non-construction Consultancy, Office Buildings

Max & Moore, Amsterdam

Added value

Monitoring in terms of quality, savings, delays
Knowledge of the local market and legislation
Pragmatic on-site cooperation
Negotiations/recommendations on changes
Payment verification




Real estate consulting
Technical due diligence
Technical monitoring during construction


Amundi Immobilier 




Mei Architects and Planners
DELVA Landscape Architecture & Urbanism


Pleijsier Bouw

Installation consultant

Linthorst Techniek

Gross floor area

Max: 6,950 m2, Moore: 2,833 m2

Number of floors

Max: 8, Moore: 5

Project period

January 2020 - May 2022

Special features

Solar panels are built into the facades
Some materials from the original building are reused


Max & Moore is a striking example of how the “new” Buiksloterham area in Amsterdam North has evolved: with old warehouses making way for a state-of-the-art office building complex. Several exciting mixed-use projects will further revitalize the district in the years to come. Max & Moore is made up of two buildings: Max is the large black building and Moore is the adjacent white building. In mid-2020, property developers Being and COD sold the development to Amundi Immobilier. The purchase of the building was supervised by Drees & Sommer's Real Estate Consulting team, who carried out the technical due diligence (TDD).

TDD was performed on a final plan design that had not yet been finalized in detail and was based on a forward funding deal. The specifications and frameworks for later development after the sale were determined in cooperation with the seller and advisors. On behalf of Amundi, Drees & Sommer oversaw the progression from plan design to implementation design and represented the client's interests. During the construction and delivery of the project, we performed all technical monitoring on behalf of Amundi. The technical design phase was skipped during the development phase, which meant that various issues had to be resolved on the spot.

For Max & Moore, sustainability, nature inclusiveness, and health are the main focus. The entire plan has been designed to be energy neutral (EPC = 0) and has been awarded the BREEAM Excellent sustainability certificate. The building has a modern look and feel and is aimed at dynamic tenants with a growing business. The layout is aimed at connecting people in the (semi-)public space.

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