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Educational & Research Institutions

New Research Facility for a FAIR Ion Accelerator System, Darmstadt

Additional value

  • Consulting and support on contract management (VOF, VOB, VOL)
  • Support and representation of the client vis-à-vis the authorities
  • Technical consulting in civil engineering and architecture
  • Support of project lead function

Individual services

  • Project lead function
  • Project communication software (PCS)
  • Contract award management

FAIR GmbH, Darmstadt


Arbeitsgemeinschaft „Ion 42“ (schneider + schumacher Frankfurt, DGI Berlin)


Darmstadt, Germany

Gross floor space

~ 160,000 m²

Gross volume

~ 1,100,000 m³

Usable floor space

~ 75,000 m²


~ 520,000 m³


35,000 t

Project duration

2007 – probably 2019

The centrepiece of the system is a subterranean double ring accelerator with a circumference of approx. 1.1 kilometres, situated around 20 metres below ground level. The wall and ceiling thicknesses of the structures are up to several metres thick in parts due to the requirements of radiation protection.