Educational & Research Institutions

QIAGEN, Relocation Shenzhen

Added Value

  • Supporting the client with a team located both in Germany and China
  • Including possibilities for new future products and the optimization of the current production compliance and efficiency
  • Lean Production Analysis leading to improved insight into the process steps
  • Compliance with the complex construction firefighting regulations for a Life Sciences project

Individual Services

  • EPCMV Tender & Contracting
  • Client Representation
  • Project Management

Qiagen, Shenzhen

Project duration

05/2017 – 10/2018

Gross Floor Area

8,000 m²

The Shenzhen (China) subsidiary of Germany-based In-Vitro-Diagnostics (IVD) manufacturer QIAGEN relocated their production facility of 8,000 m2 GFA due to a government-imposed re-development of their former whole city quarter. A project team consisting of the local QIAGEN production staff, together with the external Project Managers of Drees & Sommer succeeded to coordinate and handle all the massively parallelized work streams of the resulting fast-track project. The project delivery was achieved up to the quality expectations, on time and in budget.