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Residential Buildings

Sluishuis Amsterdam

Added value

Client Representation
Monitoring progress, quality and safety



Construction management: quality monitoring


Bouwinvest Residential Fund


Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and BARCODE Architects


Vorm and Besix



Gross floor area

40,000 m2

No. of floors

10 (36 meter)

Project duration

April 2018 – June 2022

The Sluishuis lies at the edge of Amsterdam’s IJburg, on the IJmeer. This iconic building rises forty meters out of the water and houses a total of 441 energy-neutral apartments, approximately 4,000 m2 of commercial and/or communal space, 237 underground parking spaces and a high-quality waterfront with space for around 30 houseboats. Real estate investor Bouwinvest has purchased 369 apartments in the Sluishuis from developers VORM and Besix RED, all the commercial space, and both parking levels.

Sluishuis is a turnkey project, where Drees & Sommer monitored the project execution for quality on behalf of Bouwinvest. Bouwinvest’s quality standard was VORM and Besix’s standard for consortiums. This project was not based on strict specifications and drawings, but an informal Schedule of Requirements. As work progressed, Drees & Sommer assessed and discussed specific technical matters and/or change requests on behalf of the client as they arose.

Findings and omissions were accurately recorded on a regular basis as part of quality assurance. Together with the so-called VKV reports (Dutch periodic management reports on progress, quality and safety), this resulted in a dynamic quality document, using both text and images, from the start of the build to handing over the keys.

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