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The Hub (Osdorpplein) Amsterdam

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Heddes Bouw & Ontwikkeling

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Gross floor area

15,878 m2

Project period

May 2020 - December 2022

MRP is currently working on a large-scale development project in various phases on the Osdorpplein in Amsterdam's Nieuw-West district, offering a mix of living, working, recreation facilities and amenities. Together with the Amsterdam City Council, various parties are working hard to transform the Osdorpplein into a contemporary and attractive city center in the Nieuw-West district.

For the construction of The Hub, a major part of the area development project, MRP enlisted the expertise of Drees & Sommer project managers. MRP's goal is to ensure that the construction phase progresses as planned and to deliver the project within budget, on time and in perfect condition. Drees & Sommer helped MRP draw up contracts with the contractor and represented the client to the various stakeholders (other consultants, the architect, the contractor and customers) during the course of the project.

The Hub will comprise 37 luxury flats, a new town hall with office space, 40 privately owned rental flats, and, for Woonzorg Nederland, 16 additional social housing units including a brand new indoor garden and entrance and a communal space for its residents. The ground floor of The Hub will accommodate a number of shops and restaurants.