Logistics & Transport

Tiburtina Railway Station, Rome

Additional Value

  • Technical know-how for complex major project
  • Lean decision-making processes based on coordination with all inhouse and external experts    
  • Steering of approval process                                                                                  

Individual Services

  • Brownfield and site development
  • Project management

RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana Spa


Rome, Italy


ABDR Architects, Rome


55,000 m²

Construction costs

EUR 100 million

Project duration

1999 - 2006

The new Tiburtina Railway Station is Rome's most important through-station, where the majority of express trains stop.

Designed as a bridge over the platforms, the new building complex is also an important interface between local public transport, private transport (new streets, parking spaces), and pedestrian zones.

In addition to its role as a traffic hub, the overall concept provides for a complex mix of different uses, comprising retail, administration and leisure.