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Town Hall and Turmac Culture Factory Zevenaar


Gemeente Zevenaar




WAM & Van Duren

Installation Consultant

Nelissen ingenieursbureau

Surface area

Phase 1: 12,000 m²
Phase 2: 5,500 m²


Phase 1: 5
Phase 2: 2

Parking lots


Project period

Phase 1: 2014–2019
Phase 2: 2017–2019

After the Zevenaar and Rijnwaarden municipalities were merged, there was a need for a single new town hall. This was achieved in the former Turmac and later British American Tobacco (BAT) cigarette factory, which was transformed into a town hall for the municipality of Zevenaar and multifunctional social property. Drees & Sommer Nederland (formerly BOAG) has been involved right from the acquisition of three buildings in the BAT complex – the former cigarette factory with office space of British American Tobacco: the Turmac building, Huize Rijck, and the “Hall 12” factory hall.

Phase 1
The town hall was created in the Turmac building and part of Hall 12. For the creation of the new town hall, Drees & Sommer guided the process to bring the project to fruition. In addition to the project management within the municipal organization, Drees & Sommer directed the design team and provided the consulting for the tender based on the uniform administrative standards for integrated contracts (UAV-gc). Drees & Sommer was also in charge of helping them move into their new homes.

Phase 2
For the remaining part of Hall 12, approximately 75% with a total surface area of over 5,500 m² GLA, Drees & Sommer has developed a concept: a multifunctional building with cultural, social, and community facilities for Zevenaar and the surrounding area. The Turmac Culture Factory houses workplaces, meeting facilities and cultural functions for, particular, Filmhuis Zevenaar, Liemers Museum, De Liemers Library, Volksuniversiteit, Regionale Sociale Dienst "Caleidoz Welzijn" and the regional archive. In consultation with these agencies, we arrived at a division of space, the operation of the total hall, a management agreement, and joint use of the spaces.

In the realization of the Turmac Cultural Factory, much attention was paid to sustainability. By applying sustainability measures such as solar panels and a thermal storage system, the Zevenaar municipality can largely meet its own energy needs.

Added Value

  • Involved right from the selection of the design and construction team to completion
  • Overall process and project coordination within GROTICK.
  • Short lines and intensive cooperation with the municipality and implementing parties


  • Project management from design to completion
  • Procurement and purchasing advice
  • Concept development for the cultural cluster
  • Management and supervision
  • On-site consultancy
  • Housing advice
  • Relocation support