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Warande In de Dennen Zeist


Stichting Warande


RAU Architecten


Bloemendal Bouw B.V.



Electrical engineering consultant

LIS trading and installation company

Mechanical engineering consultant

Borg Technisch beheer 

Building physics and fire safety consultant


Project period

August 2021 – June 2022

The residential care center In de Dennen was originally built as a nursing home with assisted living facilities. In ten months, the nursing home has been transformed into a healthcare center. The flats were already spacious, but with hardly any communal facilities to support nursing home care. However, it is precisely these facilities that are so important for the living comfort of the residents.

The original building was constructed in 1977 and had become dated. The building's purpose has also changed over time. Nowadays, most of the 80 flats accommodate people with severe physical disabilities who require 24-hour care. To meet these changing demands, a large common area with a restaurant was built on the ground floor. In addition, a number of storage rooms, a flex space, and a second lift shaft were added. The stairwell was also moved. Finally, storage rooms, a treatment room, and a staff station were built on the upper floors.

Stichting Warande asked Drees & Sommer to support them in the organization and supervision of In de Dennen's large-scale renovation. As project managers, we acted as intermediaries between the design and construction team, on the one hand, and the user, on the other, during the design and implementation phases. We ensured effective management of all project stakeholders throughout the process, reporting to the property manager, updating him on the progress, and providing support at steering committee meetings where appropriate. Together, we made the adjustments to the In de Dennen complex in accordance with the parameters set by the steering committee.

Added value

  • Drawing up contracts with contractors and third parties
  • Coordinating the renovation process while the building is occupied



  • All-inclusive project management