Major projects with General Construction Management (GCM)

Our General Construction Management (GCM) service gives you security from a single source. As part of GCM, we assume full responsibility for the execution of your construction project. We have successfully completed numerous projects using this approach.

With General Construction Management, we combine project management, planning services and construction management into an overall package.

With Lean Construction Management, we ensure seamless planning and execution processes. Using GCM in combination with our BIM management service, extremely cost-efficient planning and execution processes can be realized in a short space of time.

We put together the planning team at an early stage; the architect can also be integrated into the GCM team as a partner. This means you have just one contact person over the entire course of the project. We provide all services from a single source, thereby eliminating interfaces.

Effective project management with lean management

Modern project management is based on the principle of lean processes during every phase of the project. The entire process is based on lean management principles, which facilitate continuous improvement throughout the project period.

The goals of lean management are driven by the principles of the value creation process:

  • maximization of value addition;
  • reduction of waste in all processes;
  • perfection of processes.

Lean management is derived from kaizen, a philosophy developed by the car manufacturer Toyota. Kaizen is translated as Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). To prevent ‘waste’ such as defects, cost overruns and project delays, project management has to delve significantly deeper into content and processes. Initially, of course, this is more time-consuming than a conventional approach. But this extra effort is compensated many times over by double-digit percentage reductions in time and costs.

Stage 1: Conceptual Consulting
Stage 2: Economic Planning
Stage 3: Effective Building
Stage 4: Preparing Operation

Contact for advice on major projects with general construction management

Patrizia Dünner Senior Team Leader

+41 79 576 41 81