Expansion of smart charging infrastructure

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The mobility, drive and energy transition is placing new demands on buildings, companies, property companies, neighbourhoods and cities. In view of the increasing demand for electromobility and the many current subsidy programmes, we offer you optimal solutions for all aspects of this topic. Drees & Sommer views the expansion of charging infrastructure (charging stations, wallboxes), smart grids and digitalisation as a single unit. The aim of our experts is to create a holistic approach to sustainable mobility.

Shaping future-proof mobility

Our society is changing - and with it the way we get around. Climate protection and resource efficiency play a key role in future-proof and sustainable mobility. Electromobility is a logical step on the way to the necessary "transport revolution". However, this requires us to adapt our existing and future (building) infrastructure.


What challenges do you need to prepare for?

  • How do I handle billing and charging?
  • How many charging points do I need and of what type?
  • What are the legal and tax aspects?
  • Do I have a strategy for the further expansion of my charging infrastructure?
  • What else can my property accomplish?
  • Construction and operating models
  • Sustainability
  • Portfolio
  • Mobility
  • Digitalisation
  • Location
  • Users and requirements
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Areas
  • Subsidies
  • Capacities
  • Localisation and scope
  • Technology and systems
  • Energy concept and load management
  • Economic efficiency and operation
  • Staged concept and handling
  • Communication
  • Call for tenders (technology, construction, operation)
  • Funding application
  • Procurement support
  • Schedule and cost control
  • Quality control and documentation
  • Cost controlling
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Renewable energies
  • Reporting
  1. Strategy: Together with you, we create an overarching mission statement for the development of a charging infrastructure that suits you. Based on your mission statement, we move on to the design and implementation phase.
  2. Analysis: We work with you to define the requirements for a smart charging infrastructure, look at the property, neighbourhood or city in terms of its performance, research funding and support you in submitting the necessary applications. 
  3. Conception: We advise you on the expansion of your charging infrastructure and smart grids in order to optimise implementation in terms of space, content and cost. We also work with you to clarify the operating model and digitalisation strategy.  
  4. Implementation: We prepare the tender and support the awarding and installation of the charging infrastructure. We utilise our many years of experience in project management.
  5. Operation: Our experts pursue the goal of implementing cost-effective operation. To do this, we use digital tools to collect and analyse data in a targeted manner. This allows us to manage the charging stations effectively. The focus is exclusively on renewable energies.

Added value for your charging infrastructure

By expanding the charging infrastructure, you secure economic and ecological added value and remain fit for the future. A reduced CO2 footprint combined with lower operating costs are the result of electrifying the company car fleet. Integrated, holistic energy concepts further increase these added values. A charging infrastructure is essential to ensure mobility in the future.

Drees & Sommer takes a holistic view of the building:

You can rely on a dedicated team of experts with specialist expertise and the right skills. Our colleagues have many years of experience and knowledge of properties, neighbourhoods, cities and charging systems. This enables us to implement the optimum charging solutions for you and your company.

Drees & Sommer is manufacturer-independent:

We advise you individually, neutrally and independently! We work with you to develop customised and sustainable solutions that precisely meet your needs. We can draw on strategic partnerships to offer you a holistic approach - from conception to operation.

Drees & Sommer brings innovation:

We are breaking new and innovative ground by utilising new technologies and smartly integrating intelligent load and charging management into buildings. From energy storage and bidirectional charging to reserving a charging point and linking it with other bookings via an app.

Interested in expanding the charging infrastructure?

We are here for you:

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