Project preparation and project management

In construction project management, we take care of project management, planning control and later construction management. We bring innovative, digital, economical and, with the Cradle to Cradle® design principle, sustainable approaches to project management: from the definition of the project objectives to the actual project management through to completion and operation.


Our project management approach is characterized by a structured approach, whereby we create an efficient approach to project organization and set the right course right from the start. This saves time and money in the project and ensures that the project runs smoothly. Whenever necessary, we change our perspective and think outside the box, and we scrutinize and inspire because our focus is on generating real added value for the project and for you. We enjoy doing our best, working proactively, independently, and across disciplines, and supporting you in all areas relating to your property. Thanks to our diverse team of experts, we offer you competent advice and short communication channels.


Project preparation fundamentally determines the future of a project. Mistakes made at this early stage can only be corrected cosmetically later on. The only way to achieve a good or very good project is to adopt the right strategy as making a wrong fundamental decision can have catastrophic consequences. The right strategy considers user processes, planning ideas, project organization, and the selection of the right people, planning procedure, or award model. This is why thorough process, planning, and construction consulting is necessary at an early stage. We focus on feasibility and the interplay between location and utilization. We shed light on these factors at the start of the project with our 360° analyses.


First of all, our experts analyze the location and draw up a project appraisal. They examine the implementation of the desired program within the objectives—i.e. costs, deadlines, and qualities—in the form of a feasibility study. Based on this, an architectural competition can follow.

Our consultants use an agreed definition of the cost, schedule, and quality targets to develop a project strategy and advise their clients on the possible use of building information modeling (BIM) and the effects on the project organization.


As a “temporary construction department,” Drees & Sommer works alongside the client for the duration of a project and takes on tasks that can be delegated. We use our expertise and experience to protect our clients from unpleasant surprises.

As project managers, we provide the client with professional support on key issues such as deadlines, costs, and quality as well as organizational tasks. At the same time, the client’s representatives remain in the management function.

We also assume the client’s management function toward the project participants. The client usually assigns us the so-called “delegable client functions.” This variant usually involves more complex projects or clients without their own management expertise or sufficient capacity.

In the Project Management Office (PMO), we work with the client in integrated teams to take over the higher-level management and reporting for the entire project. We manage planning using agile planning processes, always keeping an eye on profitability, and using value engineering to find the best solutions. We keep an eye on costs and deadlines through stringent controlling and always ensure that quality standards are met.

We use special software to record any defects that arise during execution and ensure that construction management and contractors rectify them promptly. We take on a large part of our clients’ construction tasks so that they can concentrate on their core business. We act in an integrated, holistic, and solution-oriented manner. In doing so, we ensure cost-effectiveness, binding overall costs, and adherence to realistic schedules in the agreed quality.


Our construction project management services

Location and market analyses

We are familiar with the Swiss property market in terms of utilization needs and utilization concepts. This enables us to evaluate and assess the potential of a location for the realization of a project idea very quickly.

Feasibility studies

We carry out feasibility studies ourselves and ensure that the process is managed in a target-oriented manner. Our expertise covers the entire life cycle of a property and enables us to examine the feasibility of a project idea from different angles.

Supervision of competition realizations

We support clients throughout the entire competition process, in accordance with SIA standard 142/143 if required. We cover all areas, from preparation and implementation, including the preliminary review with the various specialist disciplines, through to completion.

360° analysis

We use a 360° analysis to determine the potential and weak points of a project. This enables us to exert influence at an early stage and develop measures so that we can align the project with the project objectives.

Client representation/client consulting

We represent your interests towards third parties, take on delegable tasks, and successfully guide projects to their destination while adhering to cost and deadline targets.

Project definition

We use a needs analysis to create a project definition that meets your requirements and requests. This forms the basis of the preliminary project and further planning.

Project communication and project management

Well thought-out communication and data management is essential for a project to run smoothly. We ensure that project data is categorized according to user groups as required and is available to everyone involved at all times. This saves time in the planning process and guarantees access to the latest planning at all times.

Cost and deadline management

We coordinate costs and deadlines right from the start and have the appropriate tools to ensure transparent cost and deadline reporting at all times. This allows risks to be identified at an early stage and suitable countermeasures to be defined. Checking, controlling, and monitoring costs and deadlines is crucial to ensuring that project objectives are met.

Project-related quality management

We develop a holistic concept for quality assurance to ensure that the project objectives are met across all service phases. Our comprehensive team of technical experts means we can ensure quality not only in planning but also in execution.

BIM consulting

We work with you to develop a company-wide BIM strategy according to your requirements and support you in implementing the planning method and change management. This can be used as the basis for all further BIM services on a project-specific basis.

Overall management

We offer customized support and consulting during the entire construction process so that the project is realized as agreed. As the overall manager, we are responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the project objectives, the performance of the project team, and compliance with costs, deadlines, and quality targets.


Contact for advice on all aspects of construction project management

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