Facility Management Consulting

Above all, the operation of a property should be economical. In this respect, digitization is an important facility management tool. This applies to property companies as well as to companies that use their properties to conduct their core business. 


Regardless of the type of building or its function, properties are planned, built, and operated for a specific purpose with various requirements over a long period of time. Whether as an investment property or a property for own use to support the core business of a company, facility management consulting focuses on the “three Ps”: people, processes, and places. Our experts ensure maximum flexibility, sustainability, and efficiency through practice-oriented consulting.


How can you get more from a building and when does it become cost effective? We work with you to think about solutions for your building organization—from the strategic to the operational level. Our customized strategy and implementation consulting combines practical expertise with management consulting methods. To this end, we rely on our own experts from the respective sectors. We develop strategies and concepts and are happy to be measured by the operational implementation and the actual results of our work.


Facility management (FM) is part of our core business. Thanks to numerous successfully implemented projects, we have special expertise in the procurement and implementation of service providers. We identify hidden costs, measure the performance of service providers and suppliers where possible and organize facility management transparently and effectively. This means we help you to achieve lean and efficient processes and a legally compliant property and operator organization. You also benefit from optimized investment, operating, and life cycle costs.


Digitalization in facility management has a lot of potential as it can reduce costs, save time, and increase quality. A CAFM (computer-aided facility management) system also adds transparency and efficiency to building management. It ensures the integration and collaboration of all parties involved and creates the basis for successful facility management with a reliable and integral database. As an independent digitalization consultant, we want our clients to find the IT solution that is best suited to supporting their facility management processes.


Our services in the field of facility management consulting

Planning and construction-related facility management

We support all phases of your construction project in terms of facility management and develop comprehensive management and operating concepts for investors and operators. Our experts optimize your investment, operating, and life cycle costs. We ensure that your building can be put into operation as smoothly as possible. We draw up and check your commissioning concept, support you during acceptance tests, and plan and coordinate relocations. We also ensure that all defects are rectified on time.

Life cycle costs (LCC)

Life cycle costs are the property costs over its entire service life. The costs for the construction and maintenance of the property are mapped and detailed. This analysis makes it possible to determine cost drivers in operation and to identify measures for more sustainable building operation. We enable you to take a holistic view of your properties, offer assistance with variant planning, and compile a basis for decision-making.

Operational and use concepts

We develop a sustainable and flexible concept that suits the organizations’ vision and focuses on the users’ needs. It is a concept that contributes to the value (rentability) of a property.

Strategy, organization, and process consulting

We develop service and organization strategies and help our clients achieve leaner and optimized processes.

Digitalization and data strategy

We derive key features for a future IT solution from the corporate and property strategy. To this end, we analyze the existing application landscape, evaluate costs and benefits as a basis for decision making, translate the requirements into a specification sheet, and support our customers from tendering through awarding of the contract to implementation. 


Right when we start planning, we set up the software environment so that data can be transferred to facility management in a structured manner using automated interfaces. This improves data quality and leads to optimized operator documentation.

Procurement management

We show you how you can optimize costs and quality in your procurement strategy. We support our clients from the tendering process through the formulation of needs to implementation.

Contract management

In addition to supporting the facility management mandate and provider management, we develop comprehensive quality management concepts and carry out contract audits and operational quality checks. We manage the agreements with external parties to ensure efficient and effective cooperation, maximum performance and minimum risks.

Strategic needs planning and site selection

A structured needs assessment is used to determine information relevant to planning. Together with the relevant users, we work out their needs, visions, and objectives and translate these requirements into concrete service content for planning in the form of framework conditions, functional diagrams, and spatial data sheets.

User-oriented execution and operation

The expertise of user-oriented execution and operation encompasses all methods, procedures, and tools for the commissioning and operation of a property from the user’s perspective. The focus here is on space management and space optimization. This includes both preparatory planning and implementation. The aim is to avoid frictional losses and ensure that employees are able to work and processes run smoothly. Our range of services extends from the implementation of new working environments and the creation of an associated user handbook to conversion and refurbishment planning, the planning and coordination of relocations, the tendering and awarding of services and space management in day-to-day business. 


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