User Experience & Workplace Consulting

The world is changing, there is no going back to the old normal. The number of workplace options is expanding to include home offices and third places. Offices are taking on a new significance: they are becoming a touchpoint with the brand, a fuelling station for identity and integrity, a place where employees come together. Modern and future work therefore requires flexible structures and the development of new workplace concepts. It's less about square metres and more about quality. The user's experience is increasingly taking centre stage.

Our answer to this?

Drees & Sommer Switzerland develops workplace concepts based on the UX design method. Using co-research techniques, we investigate who the users of the building are, what they do and what their current experience is. We research, study, discover and validate ideas from different angles to gain unique insights. We translate these insights into integrated solutions, focussing on the needs of the client and end users.


Based on our UX approach, we design a workplace concept that supports employees in doing their work as efficiently as possible while also promoting the company's vision and values. What makes the company unique and what experiences does it offer its employees? How do you make employees feel connected to the company? It all has to do with the corporate culture. The trick is to bring together technology, functionality, design, facility services and branding to create a user experience. This experience, also known as user experience (UX), emphasises what your company stands for and therefore contributes to your success.


Independent and system-neutral, we design, optimise, plan, implement and organise contemporary space and area concepts for companies and institutions. We bring brands and corporate culture to life and generate communication experiences. In addition to our many years of expertise in office and working environments, we operate across industries and formats.

We want to develop, tell, design and realise individually tailored, diverse formats based on a shared conviction. In doing so, we support our clients throughout all phases of the project and work in partnership with them as consultants, developers, designers and realisers. Our interdisciplinary team of designers, interior designers, architects, civil engineers, social scientists and property specialists is committed to our clients with team spirit, creativity and enthusiasm and is passionate about solving new challenges every day.

Our services in the area of UX & Workplace Consulting

Vision workshops

Together with you, we work out the broad outlines of the future world of work in the workshop and develop a vision. The goals to be achieved for the new world of work and the organisation are defined and metrics for evaluating the success of the project are established.

Strategic user requirements planning and location determination

A structured requirements survey is used to determine information relevant to planning. Together with the relevant users, we work out their needs, visions and objectives and translate these requirements into specific service content for planning in the form of framework conditions, functional diagrams and spatial data sheets.

Communication concept

The aim of a holistic change and communication concept is to create a rational and emotional understanding of the entrepreneurially necessary change among the managers and employees of the entire company. To achieve this, we provide the various stakeholders in the project with the right content at the right time.

Workplace & Learning Spaces Design

In a room and function programme, the various rooms and areas required are defined according to criteria such as standard workstation, communication, concentration, infrastructure and special areas and described according to the intended function, for example a retreat for concentrated work. We take into account company-specific features, including occupancy guidelines, and determine the room sizes for each function.

Change management

The development of a common thread and - derived from the results of the vision workshop - the development and implementation of a target image is the task of change management support. From this, we derive change dimensions and consequences and make a recommendation on the need for action. The milestones for the upcoming changes and the level of involvement of the various target groups are identified together. The communication measures are defined in a target group-specific change roadmap.

Corporate design 

We analyse the company values and culture, brand and corporate identity as part of the basic assessment.Based on the content of the analysis, we conceptualise design approaches and approaches, create and design three-dimensional solutions, not forgetting the communicative mission. This can be an overarching interior design line or specific solutions for separate areas or objects.

Design planning 

We combine interior design services in accordance with SIA, as well as cross-sector and cross-scale design and planning services. In the design planning phase, we create a concept that takes into account all aspects of the basic evaluation and preliminary planning.This includes the graphic representation of the overall design at the required scales of 1:100 or 1:50. The service package also includes negotiations with authorities and other parties involved in the technical planning regarding the eligibility for approval.

Feasibility studies and test fits 

A test fit or a feasibility study is an occupancy plan in which the focus is on quickly answering a specific question regarding the possible realisation of a project objective. As a rule, feasibility studies are carried out to quickly determine the maximum number of permissible workstations within a rental space.

Cradle to Cradle® concepts in interior design 

The Cradle to Cradle® principles combine economy and ecology: firstly, through the effective use of energy and resources. Secondly, through the planning and use of recyclable, pollutant-free building materials, constructions and technical building systems and thirdly, through the establishment of new business models. This creates added value for everyone involved. The users receive innovative and largely pollutant-free buildings. We can advise you on this topic and plan interiors for you using only certified products.

Office Guidelines 

We transfer the framework conditions developed as part of planning or pilot projects into manuals for transparent information for managers, employees and planners. The aim is to document uniform standards so that they can be used in a binding manner in the further process of operation.

User-orientated implementation & operation 

The expertise of user-orientated execution & operation covers all methods, procedures and tools for the commissioning and operation of a property from the user's perspective. The focus here is on space management and space optimisation. This includes both preparatory planning and implementation. The aim is to avoid frictional losses and ensure that employees are able to work and that processes run smoothly. Our range of services extends from the implementation of new working environments and the creation of an associated user handbook to conversion and refurbishment planning, the planning and coordination of relocations, the tendering and contracting of services and space management in day-to-day business.


Contact for UX and Workplace consulting

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