Smart Metering

Smart meters are finding their way into households in Switzerland. In addition to the benefits and opportunities that the nationwide smart meter rollout will bring for energy suppliers and end customers, this project also poses many challenges in terms of implementation. This is because the smart meter rollout process is highly complex and contains many interdependencies.



  • How can a complex project be planned and managed, and how can it be ensured over a long time? Are the human resources and necessary know-how available?
  • How do I train new processes and workflows, and do existing structures need to be reorganized?
  • What ICT infrastructure needs to be set up?
  • How are data protection and network security guaranteed?
  • How can meters, software, and installation partners be procured?
  • How is it ensured that the interaction between individual processes is taken into account and the processes of all project participants interlock?
  • What new business models and services are possible?
  • How should I integrate my smart meter into my smart city strategy?

How you benefit from us

Our experts support you with a tailored and solution-neutral smart meter rollout from one source. We take over project planning and management for you, take care of cost control, and coordinate suppliers and sub-contractors.

Our smart meter rollout services at a glance:

  • Consulting and expertise
  • Project management and controlling
  • Overall project management as client representation
  • Recording the current situation to determine the baseline
  • Preliminary study for the development of strategic options
  • System concept and flexible implementation planning
  • Introduction of digital workflows
  • Targeted tendering and procurement
  • Support for end-customer communication

Have you thought of all the opportunities?

We help you to fully exploit the additional potential of a smart meter rollout:

  • Replacement of load management?
  • Connection and integration of divisional meters?
  • Use of the smart measurement systems as a basis for a smart city?
  • Expansion of service offering, such as consumption optimization, alarm management?
  • Development of a central client portal?
  • Use of digitalization for new business models?

Your added value

We manage your smart meter rollout and all project participants proactively and in partnership with competent key personnel:

  • Stakeholder management by project management experts
  • Expert support at all technical and administrative levels throughout the entire duration
  • Provision of all services, from tendering and procurement through project management to acceptance and defect-free handover
  • Continuous development of interdisciplinary solutions for digital networking of people, buildings, and infrastructure
  • Networking and relief of all project participants by an experienced and practice-oriented team.

Reference in the field of smart metering

The municipality of Herrliberg is setting a good example and has decided to carry out a comprehensive smart meter rollout as part of its energy strategy. This project implements the requirements of the Energy Act from the Energy Strategy 2050 for the introduction of smart metering systems.

Smart Infrastructure and Smart Cities

The smart meter rollout is an example of the ongoing digitalization of public infrastructure. Smart cities use information and communication technologies to make efficient use of municipal infrastructure such as energy and water supply, wastewater networks, and transport systems while also developing smart infrastructure. Although the technologies are now widespread, the development of smart cities remains a big challenge because of the complexity of the systems.

Drees & Sommer supports the development of smart infrastructure and smart cities and can advise and assist you on the next steps towards a smart city.

Contact on the topic of smart meter rollout

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Pascal Walther Senior Consultant

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