Real Estate Consulting

Whether property acts as a shell for the core business or represents an attractive asset class in its own right: Up-to-date real estate expertise is always an important competitive advantage.


Whether for large corporations or medium-sized manufacturing companies, property often only functions as a shell and as the necessary infrastructure to enable the actual core business. But there is another way: portfolio flexibility, cost optimization, digitalization, location development, new working environments, and sustainability are just some of the challenges of professional corporate real estate management. Managing and utilizing operationally essential properties is a thing of the past as targeted corporate real estate management identifies and leverages potential to increase space and cost efficiency.

We advise companies on all aspects of their real estate management — e.g. in relation to organization and processes, governance and management, procurement, workplace solutions, sustainability, and digitalization.

Companies that consider property to be their core business, or at least part of it, are faced with increasing complexity and an increasingly scarce supply of attractive properties. Organizational and engineering aspects can hardly be separated from economic or strategic issues. Far-sighted decisions therefore require a holistic perspective. That is why Drees & Sommer Switzerland combines management and engineering expertise with commercial and business management know-how.


We offer a comprehensive consulting service, taking into account best-practice approaches to optimize your property portfolio. Our expertise enables us to develop a coherent overall concept for your organization and your processes.


Our real estate consulting services

Strategy, organization, and process consulting

We develop service and organization strategies and help our clients achieve leaner and optimized processes. In doing so, we bring about make-or-buy decisions.

Digitalization and data strategy

We derive key features for a future IT solution from the corporate and property strategy. To this end, we analyze the existing application landscape, evaluate costs and benefits as a basis for decision making, translate the requirements into a specification sheet, and support our customers from tendering through awarding of the contract to implementation.  

Cost optimization

We use our comprehensive cost analysis to evaluate the optimization potential of your property and establish suitable implementation measures.

Procurement management

We show you how you can optimize costs and quality in your procurement strategy. We support our clients from the tendering process through the formulation of needs to implementation.

Asset and portfolio strategy

We create a real estate strategy that is tailored to your needs, takes into account the condition of the current portfolio, and optimizes the coverage of future requirements. We support you in this as part of our asset and portfolio analysis and consider the entire real estate life cycle.

Feasibility studies and potential analyses

We carry out feasibility studies ourselves and ensure that the process is managed in a target-oriented manner. Our expertise covers the entire life cycle of a property and enables us to examine the feasibility of a project idea from different angles.

Location search

We are familiar with the Swiss property market in terms of utilization needs and utilization concepts. This enables us to evaluate and assess the potential of a location for the realization of a project idea very quickly.
If the property is to be let, we provide support in the rental negotiations, draw up a user profile for the property, and take care of the search for and selection of tenants.  

Transaction consulting

As part of transaction management, we support buyers and sellers by initiating and implementing a structured sales process.

Project consulting and task force project management

We help our clients in difficult project situations by providing well-founded assessments and targeted improvement of areas crucial to success.


Contact for real estate consulting

Jennifer Dali Senior Manager

+41 79 576 55 53