Construction management

Drees & Sommer Switzerland acts as the client’s representative for the construction management of complex new build and refurbishment projects. Innovative tools and agile methods support us in flexibly managing a construction site.


Drees & Sommer Switzerland uses construction management (CM) to offer clients a comprehensive overall service that uses synergy in combining the competences of comprehensive construction management and project management. As a strong partner, we ensure successful project execution throughout all SIA phases – from the preliminary project through planning, tendering, and execution to handover.


Comprehensive construction management brings together structural and constructional issues as well as building services planning and specialists while constantly taking into account the design requirements of the architectural concept. Costs, deadlines, and quality are consistently monitored and ensured throughout the planning process right up to construction management during realization.


As an independent consulting company, we support and guide you through the entire construction process, whether new build, renovation, restoration, or maintenance. Our construction and project managers proactively and collaboratively manage your projects and the planning team with competent key individuals, from project initiation to commissioning. We are motivated and committed to striving for comprehensive and consistent planning solutions for your individual task and ensure that your project is realized on time and within budget. We use innovative tools, digital models and agile methods such as Lean Construction Management® so that we can successfully implement projects with demanding deadlines and cost targets.


Our construction management services at a glance

Overall management

Overall management means we are responsible for the comprehensive implementation of the project objectives, the performance of the project team and compliance with costs, deadlines, and quality targets. To this end, we offer tailored advice and support throughout the entire construction process to ensure the best possible realization of the project.

General planning

As general planners, we manage and coordinate a team of architects, expert planners, specialists, and other consultants that is put together specially for the project requirements. We can handle complex projects in a target-oriented manner through efficient organization and close cooperation with the client.

Project management 

Project management is responsible for the implementation of the project—from putting together the planning team to contract management, fee calculations, and the preparation of general contractor’s submissions through to meetings and management of execution.

Comprehensive construction management

We provide all the services of SIA phases 3 to 6, from planning and tendering to construction management, acceptance, commissioning, and handover.

Quality assurance and control

As a neutral, independent partner, we guide your construction project efficiently to its goal, either as a whole or in phases. We monitor the quality of the construction work from the start of construction to moving in, including reporting. We also proactively monitor the construction process and all parties involved to ensure that the desired level of quality is achieved at every stage.

Cost and deadline management

We determine and coordinate costs and deadlines across all service phases from the start of the project. Our continuously updated cost database means we always have an up-to-date overview of the market and can check the plausibility of costs and deadlines using comparative data.

General construction management (GCM)

General construction management means we combine project management, planning services, and construction management in one overall project with a single point of contact. 

Lean construction management (LCM®)

Lean Construction Management (LCM®), which is developed by Drees & Sommer, is based on methods used in automotive production to increase efficiency, improve processes and workflows, and promote collaborative cooperation. We use LCM® to coordinate work steps from planning processes through to execution in a target-oriented and agile manner and synchronize them precisely. We actively support execution on the construction site, which means we can flexibly control processes and proactively avoid risks.


Contact for advice on all aspects of construction management

Patrizia Dünner Senior Teamleader

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