Development Services

Many brownfield sites, gaps between buildings and vacant sites have lucrative potential that needs to be found and utilized. Thanks to its broad network, Drees & Sommer Switzerland has access to interesting properties and sustainable investment opportunities. We develop ideas and strategies for new plots and existing properties that are geared to the market and utilization conditions and the needs of the investor. In doing so, we take a holistic approach to current topics such as sustainability and digitalization. With our background in construction management, development management, project management, and real estate consulting, we are able to support investors—from the initial idea through project development and construction to the commissioning of the property.


Thanks to our many years of experience and our broad network, Drees & Sommer Switzerland has access to interesting plots of land and investment opportunities. We bring building land, ideas, and investors together while taking long-term goals into account. We also develop projects with a holistic approach in keeping with the investor’s needs and wishes. Our experts are happy to examine plots that are already in the investor’s portfolio and offer project development as a service provider from A to Z. We also take part in investor competitions with a project team or examine our clients’ properties as a second opinion.


When is a good time to harness the potential of portfolio properties? Drees & Sommer Switzerland offers portfolio holders a comprehensive, independent assessment of their property portfolio and identifies potential for optimizing returns through expansion, conversion, or new construction. The potential of portfolio properties is fully utilized through efficient project management and cost control. We follow and shape all current developments in terms of sustainability, cradle-to-cradle, circular economy, and CO2 and nitrogen reduction. With our many years of knowledge and experience, we are able to incorporate all ecological, technical, and economic aspects and develop an innovative, safe, climate-neutral, and future-proof solution for your portfolio properties. 


With our many years of knowledge and experience, we are able to provide holistic project development support to municipalities, companies, property developers, property investors, educational and healthcare facilities. Potential investors can access pre-tested and well-founded project options and save up to 15% on the project development volume by utilizing our service development experts. The holistic project approach guarantees cost efficiency, high quality, realization security, and a fast transaction speed.


Our services in the field of development services

Site and location search

We find suitable properties for our clients and approach them with project opportunities.

Market and location analysis

We use our own data and cooperate with market research companies to analyze the markets and locations. The findings serve as the basis for concept development and profitability calculations.

Concept development

We create innovative and forward-looking concepts. We work together with many experts from our company on topics such as sustainability, ESG, and smart building.

Economic efficiency calculation

We evaluate concepts and project options from an economic perspective. In doing so, we take into account all stakeholders in the project, such as the investor or operator.

Investor search

We work with many investors from our extensive network. For example, our clients help search for a joint-venture partner or search for an investor for the implementation of a sale-and-lease-back model.

Project initiation

As soon as an investment decision has been made, we set up project developments as a service provider. We structure the projects and implement a schedule and realization plan. During this process, we have access to an extensive network of partners who can maximize the success of the project.

Acquisition support

Our team has already been able to accompany many acquisitions and set up project developments. We use this expertise to support and advise our clients throughout the entire process.

Create building rights

We create building rights for our clients’ projects. We manage the process and bring all the necessary stakeholders together. Our expertise enables us to manage the risks and utilize the opportunities.  

General planner including construction management

The general planner leads and coordinates the entire general planning team. They ensure that the client organization is as lean as possible and monitors quality, cooperation, risk management, safety, and sustainability on the construction site.


We ensure that your building can be put into operation as smoothly as possible. We draw up and check your commissioning concept, support you during acceptance tests, and ensure that all defects are rectified on time.


Contact for advice on development services

Dr. Jan Hendrik Lukowski Head Development Services

+41 79 919 54 55