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Energy Supply (electricity, gas, district heating)

AquaPortus – supplier selection for LOHC* technology

Added value

  • Technical and economic evaluation of hydrogen technology companies 
  • Recommendation regarding the selection of a technology supplier

Service elements

  • Supplier evaluation 
  • Hydrogen technology analysis 
  • Technical due diligence 

*Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier


Hafenprojektgesellschaft Helgoland mbH


Heligoland, Schleswig-Holstein 

Project period

July 2021 – November 2021 

The aim of the AquaVentus initiative is the offshore production of green hydrogen from surplus offshore wind energy as a basis for the decarbonization of German and European industry. 

AquaPortus is a subproject of the AquaVentus project that will further advance Heligoland’s energy transition with innovative approaches to electricity and heating. As well as achieving further significant reductions in carbon emissions, it will provide affordable energy for the islanders, who are burdened with the high cost of offshore living. 

Drees & Sommer is supporting the Heligoland port company with services including evaluation of hydrogen technologies, creation of a matrix based on defined KPIs, supplier evaluation and comparison, preparation of documents, obtaining cost estimates, and economic evaluation of supplier ability to upscale for major projects.